Friday, September 4, 2015

Breakfast From the Gas Station

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 We have been told breakfast is the most important meal of the day for, well, as long as I can remember at least.  I guess it's where we get the day's energy from.  I get up in the morning a few minutes before my husband, Daniel, not just to ensure he has ample energy for the day though.  This is a bi-product of the real reason I do it.  His day goes much better when we sit down at the table together even for just a quarter of an hour.  He gets a few minutes to wake up and be with me in a relaxed environment while he is eating a well-planned meal.  His mind is in a better place during his commute.  Things are in proper perspective at work.  And, yeah, he has more energy to meet the physical and mental demands of his job.

Most guys Daniel works with spend a lot of money at fast food places, gas stations, and roach coaches.  I cannot relate to this.  Firstly, it costs more money for this type of "food" and it doesn't fill him up, let alone give him the energy he needs.  Secondly, who is feeding your husband?  It's my job to ensure he has a good breakfast...not Emily from QuikTrip.  I hate to think about another woman feeding my husband because I'm too lazy to get out of bed or couldn't navigate a fridge that looks like a wasteland at 4:30 in the morning.  That's not to say I'm Miss-Perfect-Homemaker and Daniel has never seen the inside of a McDonald's.  It's just not the norm.

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"My husband doesn't eat breakfast."  Daniel didn't used to and sometimes still doesn't.  Please start making it anyway.  Make a small batch of homemade doughnuts the day before and set those out.  Maybe he will eat one on the way to work in the car.  Even if you are sitting together at the table having nothing but a cup of coffee, it's better than him not seeing you til he gets home because you are still in bed when he leaves for work.  After a while he might actually enjoy having an omelet or crepe before work.

If you want a marriage that is happier than it is now, let me encourage you to undertake the making of some kind of breakfast in the morning.  It is a huge goal for most of us.  My husband has to be out the door at 5:20 and I am NOT a morning person.  For me to achieve this goal it takes some planning and thought.  For a decent breakfast to happen in the morning the kitchen has to be free of dirty dishes and some kind of menu planned.

If your kitchen is dirty go overhaul it.  Once your kitchen and dining area are clean, start thinking about what you can put on your table tomorrow morning.  This week I made up some sausage patties and fried potatoes with onions and peppers to put in the fridge.  In the mornings I throw a patty and a few potatoes in the oven to warm and fry up an egg.  I put the sausage and egg on an onion roll with some cheese and place the potatoes on the side.  Add a cup of coffee and I'm done!  The whole thing takes less than 15 minutes.  I swear it does.  I wake up at 4:50 and he is at the table at 5:05.  He's out the door at 5:20 or so and it's a glorious feeling feeding him, starting his morning off on the right foot, and knowing he will be thinking about that breakfast later on in the day.  We are a team, and I did my part.  I'm proud of that.  Daniel's tummy is still full at 9:30 when other men at his work have to visit the roach coach because their wives were too busy getting ready for work themselves to think about making breakfast. 

You have to do your part for a marriage to work.  You have to think about the other person.  I'm blessed in that Daniel is a wonderful partner who thanks me and appreciates what I do, but I understand not everyone is yoked together with someone like this.  Perhaps you are having a bad year in your marriage.  Do your part.  Start with a clean kitchen and breakfast on the table when he gets up.  Envision what a well-run bed and breakfast is like and emulate that by planning today and putting that first meal on the table tomorrow morning.

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