Friday, November 13, 2015

Birdfeeder Brings Peace and Conversation

Just a quick picture of something I have that gives me some peace.  We hung a bird feeder right outside our kitchen window.  Everything from chickadees to cardinals to grackles come to feast on seeds, fruit, and suet.  They all seem to get along while they are at the feeder most of the time and it gives us a lot of peace and joy.  

We didn't realize at the time just how long we were going to sit just watching the birds.  It's never, "Let's sit and watch the birds for a while."  It just kinda happens.  We'll be having coffee or whatever and we'll just commence to watching and before we know it a half hour has gone by.  For the first three or four days we didn't get any birds at all.   But before a month was up, there was never more than 5 minutes where there wasn't at least one bird there. We have whole flocks now that come in the winter.  Even doves.

The cat loves to sit and watch the birds.  He doesn't bother them.  He just sits and watches and it gives him something to break up his day and it's an added bonus of entertainment for us, lol!

A word on bird seed.  Not all are created equal.  We tend to buy the better brands that are more expensive but last longer.  A lot of the cheaper bird seed has tiny little seeds that look like millet which the birds don't eat.  They'll just splash it right out onto the ground to get to the good stuff.  So, the bird seed we buy with the nuts and fruit in it last much, much longer.  As far as suet goes, we just buy whatever is cheap.  I don't usually pay more than a buck or two.


  1. Yes, we don't need expensive, complicated things in our lives to bring peace and interest into our days. I've learnt this more and more as I've matured.

    I feel like a bit of a stalker here - but how else would you know how much I appreciate your blog work. :)

    After an all day outing yesterday, I feel the need to freshen up our home today but need a little inspiration... Mmm, I think another read of A Peaceful Clean Home from an excellent blog might do the trick. Wink.

  2. Please, keep stalking! I need your comments! They encourage me and I so look forward to them. I always think, "I wonder what Linda and Tricia will think."

  3. Ha! I was beginning to feel like a stalker too! It is SO hard to find ladies that are interested in the simple business of taking care of our families and homes-- I love reading here! We had a bird feeder that I loved right outside our homeschool room window and it was fascinating! It is the simple things in life that can bring us such joy!

  4. LOL I can't imagine you guys got any work done! And you are so right. It's so hard to find people of the same mindset. It does my peace good to be able to comment back and forth with you ladies. I know I'm not alone. I know other women are just as committed and experience rough days just as much.