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Daniel and I love to play Texas Hold 'Em together.  Once in a while we break out the poker set and let the competitive juices run.  We'll sit for hours playing heads up and it's a really great night.  Another game we play once in a while is Catan.  You have to revise the rules a little, but it doesn't take away from the game.  Card and board games are great ways to interact with each other on your date night and they don't cost much considering how often they will be used.

You can make playing cards a little more interesting by getting all dolled up and showing some skin.  Yeah I have a little black dress myself that makes its way out of the closet every now and then.  Have you caught your husband checking out your rack lately?  No?  Make some snacks, turn on the radio and sit across the table from him and play a game.  Use your wit and charm and all your flirtatiousness and I'll be you can catch him sneaking a glance or two. 
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These aren't the only games we play.  We play video games too!  Games have evolved today and more often than not board games can get pretty boring compared to the adrenaline rush you get when you are conquering the world with your better half.  There's only so much Monopoly I can take, especially when I know there are worlds to explore, structures to build, mutants to take down, and helicopters to fly.

We'll use the LAN and hook up two computers and play Minecraft.  This is a great game to play together that will have you relying on one another to gather resources, build a house and a farm, and have each others back at night when the mobs come out!  I'm a little embarrassed to tell you that I get little butterflies going when I can help him out with something he needs.  Food?  Yeah, I have a chicken farm that would make Colonel Sanders jealous.  Armor?  I just happen to have this enchanted helmet right here that allows you to hold your breath longer underwater.

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Once in a while we play games on our phones, too.  We really enjoyed Dawn of the Dragons.  It's a pretty in-depth, low graphic game.  We spent many weekends hooked up to our phones doing nothing but playing this game.  Sad to say, we did not shower, eat, or have sex during this time, but we really, really enjoyed each other while playing this game.

If you have a gaming console for your kids, utilize that for yourselves.  Turn the lights off, turn the volume up on your surround sound, and kill some zombies!  Once again, I take delight in saving Daniel's life from a horde of man-eating monsters bent on eating his brains.  Medal of Honor made some great games in the day.  I'm not sure if they've come out with much that is new, but these kind of games also make you rely heavily on your spouse's cover fire.

Make sure you set the tone for game night.  Think ambiance and atmosphere.  Make some homemade brownies to gorge on.  Make sure the house is spic and span, especially the computer screen or TV.  Maybe you could shoot your husband a text to let him know how excited you are and in so doing get him looking forward to it also.

Actually what got Daniel through his morning today at work was the thought that he is going to build our house in Minecraft tonight.  He thought about what to make it out of, what he wants it to look like, etc.  That's kind of cool!  My husband is thinking about the house he is going to build for us with his own two virtual hands. 

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