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This is a no-brainer, right?  All couples who have date night might go to a movie or cuddle up on the couch and watch a video at home.  Why the page?

We are keepers of the home.  Without going into the Greek meaning of the verse and so forth let me tell you it means to guard your home.  In my house we do not have cable all.  We came to this decision based on my low self-confidence issues that even now I struggle with.

Here's a quote from Dads and Daughters: How to Inspire, Understand, and Support Your Daughter by Joe Kelly:  "A 1990s Harvard study of teen girls in Tahiti showed that they considered big and heavy their ideal body shape -- that is until US cable televisions reached the island.  Within two years the study reported that the thin, wafish look prevalent on American TV had become the overwhelming ideal among Tahitian girls -- and that problem eating manifesting itself for the first time."

Our culture is bad stuff.  You don't realize that you are being brainwashed to buy beauty products and starve yourself so you can look like whoever the top model of the year is.  There aren't many actresses making blockbuster movie after blockbuster movie who don't show off their plastic surgery for all to see.  I used to think, "If I don't look like Claudia Schiffer than I am not beautiful."  Girls today think they must show as much cleavage as possible to catch a boy's attention.  We are being taught that men want thin.  They want tan.  They want green eyes and blonde hair.  They want the girl on the cover of Maxim that says she is an astrophysicist.  I am a victim of this too.

So are men.  They are being brainwashed into believing this is what they are attracted to.  Ask any teenage boy what they want in a girl.  Almost invariably the word "thin", or "lithe", or whatever will come out of their mouths.  I think they truly don't know what they are attracted to and sadly they won't either for quite some time, if ever.

Now we pass in front of Victoria's Secret in the mall and there are blown up models in their underwear...and these model's are about 14-16 years old.  Most of them are not yet even 18.  What is this teaching our children and us as parents?
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Movie night is great.  Keep the crap out of your home though.  It doesn't do your self-confidence any good at all.  Yeah you will miss out on what are probably some really great movies, but most are only 2 hours long.  What are you really giving up for the gain?  I'm the only naked woman my husband sees and I LOVE THAT, take pride in it, and don't have to constantly wonder how I stack up.

Your husband might not be totally on board with this.  For him it might be a process.  At least get the full on nudity out.  For us, we consider cleavage and prolonged shots of a rear end in a mini-skirt dancing provocatively nudity.

We choose our movies very carefully.  We do this by going to Kids-In-Mind.  This is an amazing resource!  They don't just give a movie a rating; they will give it three ratings, each on a 0-10 scale.  One of the three ratings is for sex and nudity.  Further, they will give a brief description of what you will see.

For instance, Cinderella (2015) received a rating of 2 for sex and nudity.  So how bad is it?  Am I going to see cleavage?  Here is their description:  "SEX/NUDITY 2 - A man and a woman dance close together and later kiss for several seconds. A man and a woman kiss for several seconds on a balcony. A man and a woman nearly kiss, but do not.
 Women searching for husbands wear curly hairdos, bright lipstick and gaudy eye makeup with low cut floor-length dresses that reveal moderate cleavage; two of the women dress for a party and look at each other while wearing tight corsets that reveal slight cleavage and wide pantaloons that extend below the knees. Women at a palace ball wear long gowns that reveal cleavage in round necklines. A woman's dress reveals cleavage at a scoop neckline. Men in a kingdom wear tight stretchy trousers and the outline of codpieces shows in the groin area of most of them.
 Several statues of semi-nudes stand in homes and a palace; some are female and they reveal full chests, breasts (no nipples), shoulders and arms and others are male, revealing arms, shoulders, chests, abdomens and navels.

If you see anything there that you're not comfortable with, simply don't watch it.  We won't.

In closing, I read a cool article today.  I suggest you read it too.  ;)

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