Tuesday, November 10, 2015


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I've been thinking this morning about where anger comes from.  This train of thought comes from being out and about and seeing women and their attitude.  Some women are beat down.  Some women are on a high horse about what others need to be doing or not doing.  Some women are showing off what should be a gift to their husbands, future or otherwise.  Some women outwardly strive to show off their religious tendencies.  I see some women though, and these are very few, who unknowingly show grace, courage, wisdom, and elegance. 

I'm not going to bash the other women.  We all have areas in our lives that need some attention, and it could be some of us don't know what we are doing or that what we are doing is wrong.  Bashing is different from criticizing, and perhaps I do criticize too harshly.

I get angry when I see a women who carries herself with shoulders slumped as her husband drags her through the store.  Her skirt is tattered and her shoes have holes.  Her hair is semi-clean and in a haphazard bun with tendrils brushing her face and neck.  My anger comes from having been there and knowing this woman is a slave.

I do get angry when I see a woman showing off her cleavage or rear.  That anger is directed towards her and ladies like her.  However, I know where my anger comes from.  It comes from my own insecurities and fears.  I'm 43 and I'm told I'm quickly reaching that point in my life where outward beauty becomes less of a focus than wisdom and confidence.  I don't feel this way, and that scares me.  I also think women who dress provacatively are not free.

I get angry when I hear a woman give her haughty opinion on any subject really, for it's not really the opinion itself that angers me...it is in the tone it is given.  It's not an opinion given for the uplifting of the mind, or for encouragement for the heart whether it's on cooking or on a Bible verse.  It's an opinion given in order to make her look more spiritual or to look like a better housewife.  A woman like this is dangerous.  I don't worry she is dangerous to herself, for this woman should be free to suffer her own consequences.  I worry about the women who listen to her who are learning things, but aren't being edified.  My anger comes from being in close proximity to such a woman and feeling "not good enough".  My anger comes from hurt, because I believe this woman to not be free, and she may be causing other women to unknowingly feel lack of freedom.

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My anger comes from past experiences and a heart that hurts.  I want women to be free.  It used to be women didn't really have the right to work outside of the home.  Now, it feels like women don't have the right to stay at home living out their purpose with freedom.  I want women to be free of feeling like they just don't have it all together like "so-and-so".  I want women to be free from feelings of inadequacy and resentments.  Free to feel that they are beautiful.  I want us all to feel peace.  I want us all to be like those few women who are graceful, courageous, and full of wisdom.  I want that because of my anger, and I get angry because things hurt my heart.

I typically proofread my posts, but don't have time today, so please forgive any typos or runon sentences.  Thank you guys for reading.  I do this blog so other women can benefit from what little I have learned, particularly women new to being a housewife.  However, I do it more for myself.  For in the writing edifies myself.  You might be surprised that I go back and read my own older posts, for they lift my spirit and give me a sense of peace as if someone else wrote them.  I encourage women to realize they might be a slave.  They might be a slave to this culture, to their husbands, or to their own insecurities.  I wish for all to have freedom.


  1. I had a tangible response when I read your words . .. "some women unknowlingly show grace, courage, wisdom and elegance". My body and mind seemed to 'relax' - and how much more an atmosphere would be serene if we were actually 'doing' these words. I want to be that woman! - as I go about my duties serving my husband and family and working in my home. I want to be "graceful, courageous and full of wisdom".

    Thank you so much Peace at Home for this post today. :)

  2. P.S. Did you read the post from Always Learning blog by Lori Alexander - Do You Need A Man? Tues, Nov10, 2015. I think you'd like it .:)

  3. I strive to show grace, courage, wisdom and elegance! I think I can be a slave to my own perfectionist tendencies and end up feeling like a failure when I don't reach my expectations for myself. I'm 43 years old too, lol!

  4. You guys help me so, so much. You just don't know how much encouragement I get from your comments.

    I'll definitely check out that post. I do actually stop by her blog occasionally, so yeah, I'll certainly check out that post. Thank you for letting me know about it!

    I'm a perfectionist, too. I'm not sure where that part of me comes from, but I battle with it continually. Some days I can let certain things go. Other days it takes over my whole home.