Sunday, January 24, 2016

Our New Home

Firstly, I want to thank you ladies for all your encouragement and prayers.  Praying takes a certain amount of self-discipline and thought, and I appreciate those words to God on our behalf so, so much.  Your words have come at a trying time, and they help more than you guys can know.  Even just a sentence or two, coming from so many of you, touch my heart.

We got in late last night, and once we hit the sack, I was laying there unwinding, and after a minute or two realized in an epiphany, I feel peace and happiness...and in a measure I haven't felt for a couple of months I don't think.  At least it feels like it's been a couple/three months.  Somehow my peace had been stripped down and I didn't even realize it.  What a wonderful moment of realization!  I am home, and everything will be okay.

Daniel's sister and her husband came early and we packed her car full to the hilt.  We were able to keep a few of his tools, most of our clothes, lo and behold...MY SEWING MACHINE!!!  Yes, I was able to keep that as well.  My Little House books made the trip as well as my colored pencils and coloring books that do so much for my mind and stress level.  I had to leave most of my yarn behind, but I kept was I was using for the current blanket I'm working on.  Our second stop however, the dog got sick all over it, but I'm not complaining, lol! 

As we were packing, my father came as he wanted to be there when the driver came to tow the 5th wheel to his house.  (His truck is broke down.)  It was strained, but not too unpleasant.  I think he knew I was at my limit with it.

We had a safe, though tiring trip.  We had a lot of laughs, joking and such along the way.  We really got to know her husband Alejandro, (Ale or "Ollie" for short.)  He's very into games as we are and we were able to have good conversations in this regard.  His sister, Amber, was likewise talkative and good-natured.  We are very thankful they made the trip to come and get us and bring us back to Indiana.   You know how you can tell when someone is doing something for you only out of obligation?  It was not like this.  They are such good people who have big hearts.

I walked in the door at his father's house and felt very at home.  I got a hug first thing and wasn't left out of the conversations or ignored, as has happened to me before.  I think we are going to get along just fine.  It's always hard for both parties when you live in someone else's house, but I think things will be okay for us here.  We feel wanted and our attitudes are in the right place. 

His father is genuinely happy to open his home to us and wants us here.  His eyes have this sparkle to them and when he laughs it is whole-hearted.  Amber likens him to Papa Smurf, and this is a good analogy.  He is missing only the red hat.  Jovial and benevolent, he is a wonderful human being to be around.  His home is tranquil and I can feel the relaxed, homey atmosphere.

For me, it is important to help his father as much as I can while we live in his home.  He has sarcoidosis, and this condition in and of itself makes it very hard to get up and do anything for more than a minute or two without having to sit down.  For instance...poor thing, he has a chair near the sink in the kitchen for when he does dishes, so he can sit down and take a break every couple of minutes.  It will give me much pleasure to bless his home in the cleaning and care of it.  He is willing to let me help, and I'm so happy for this.  I was afraid he wasn't going to willingly let me help, but this was an unfounded fear.  Cleaning and cooking fulfills a need in me to care for those in my home, and he is very amenable.

My thought is to not move too far away when that time comes that we should leave here and into our own home, so that perhaps I can come in once a week to help him clean and perhaps bring a few dinners for his freezer he can just throw in the oven to warm up.  I'm excited at the prospect of this.

Which reminds me, it's already 11:00 and I need to go clean the kitchen and take out something for dinner!  Amber is coming by around 5:00 or so to take me to the grocery store.  I need to take an inventory of what is already here and loosely plan some meals.  There is an Aldi here, for which I am grateful, as that is a very cheap place to pick up canned goods and vegetables.  His freezer has a lot of beef and such in it already.

Oh!  Something else!  His father has two dogs, and my dog will have some pals to run around with.  So far they are a little bit stand-offish, but they aren't aggressive with each other, so I know in a day or two they will be pals. 

In closing, know that we are doing well, and we are in good spirits.  Daniel has a couple of companies he's already planning on looking into next week.  There is work here, I think.  We are unstressed and feeling good about being here.  You know how sometimes you are thrown into a new situation, yet you have this awareness that, "Yes!  This is where we are supposed to be!"  We sense this, and though new, it is comfortable.  We are cheerful and contented in the state of Indiana, in his father's home, and in the rebuilding of our life here.


  1. Such words of encouragement that you have shared here. I pray all goes well and I am sure that this is part of a much larger plan for you, your hubby and his family. Blessings & Hugs ♥ Teri

  2. I felt so sad when I read yesterday's post. Today's seems so much more upbeat. I'm praying things will get better for you. So glad you are feeling welcome in Indiana.

  3. So pleased to know you are feeling safe and at peace in your new home, and that the family are so welcoming. It is a blessing to be able to help those who are helping us, and this seems a perfect example.
    I look forward to your updated and progress, but for right now I'm so glad you both are alright.

  4. Michelle, What wonderful news! A great new start... I'm sure you'll be an enormous help to Daniel's father! They too must be very special people to welcome you so. :)

  5. Housewife from FinlandJanuary 25, 2016 at 5:44 AM

    I am so happy that everything seems to be settling well. :) And it is so good that you can actually really help yous father-in-law mutually. I am sure it makes everything easier for everybody, emotionally.

    If your father-in-law is not well, why should you move away at all when Daniel finds a job? Does he like his solitude or is the house to small to live together for a longer period of time? Now this is none of my business, I am just thinking about money.

  6. Praise the Lord! I am SO happy to read this good news! We have an Aldi just down the street and I love it! I'll be praying for work for your husband and that you both have continued peace.

  7. I have tweaked the settings because I found I was missing one or two comments. When I moderate them, I can see all the comments I haven't read yet. I need them. Thanks guys!