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This is a steady go-to for date night.  Dinner out is great, but sometimes money doesn't allow us to indulge in a steady diet of steak and champagne.

Yes, there's fast food and this can be okay in that at least you are alone (sort of) eating a meal you didn't have to cook nor clean up after.  This does count as dinner out so if it's Date Night and you choose Taco Bell, make it special.  Hit the drive-thru and take it to the park to eat.  Maybe after you could hold hands and go for a walk.  We have been known to pick up a burger and take the dog to the river. 

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If your husband likes to fish, this could also count as dinner out.  Clean them and grill them right there by the water.  (Cool dinner out idea if I do say so myself.)  Make some sides and bring some corn on the cob to go with it.  (Those sides could come in useful if you don't catch anything!)

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Dinner at home is always an option and shouldn't be treated as something mundane just because you eat at home all the time.  For Date Night, make it special in every way you can so that it's just not the same.  Plan it a month ahead so you have time to prepare.  Sew up some cloth napkins out of that holey sheet.  Crochet 2 place mats.  Buy some candles or make a nice centerpiece.  Pick some wild flowers to display with care.  Of course the menu should be something special, too.  Even if it's not steak, make something that takes more time and effort than normal.
For example, have egg rolls, vegetable lo mein, and chicken fried rice.  Let this Asian theme inspire your centerpiece with some simple origami.  Chop sticks and Chinese food cartons are not that expensive.  Sit on the floor with some throw pillows near the coffee table.

If you begin with the menu and choose what type of cuisine you will have, the rest will fall into place.  There's more to life than burgers and tacos.  You have the entire world at your fingertips via Google to learn to fold napkins and make pirogi.

Lastly, when doing dinner at home for Date Night, it's important to look your best.  Shave your legs...all the way to the top ladies.  Not just from the knees down with a few quick strokes.  Use a fresh razor and really, really take your time.  Choose a lipstick color you don't normally wear.  Paint your toenails.  Don't try a new hairstyle.  This is not the time to stress.

Alternatively you could cook the meal together.  Choose the recipe, shop for the ingredients, then make it together.  Hm...maybe do it wearing your apron...and...nothing else?

Another option is to do it bed and breakfast style.  Make up a platter of cheese, fruit, and assorted crackers and lounge in bed with some soft music. 

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If you have $50 and really want to go out but don't want McDonald's, perhaps pick a place you have never been to with food you've never had before.  I'm a sucker for Greek food.  Look up Mediterranean restaurants and find one near you with good reviews.  I recommend gyros!

A twist on going out to dinner is to do a restaurant hop.  It is relatively cheap when you do it using fast food places.  Pick one place for the appetizer, one place for that main course, and one place for dessert.

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