Date Ideas

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 Date Ideas

Having a date night is a great idea.  Decide on the idea ahead of time so you can plan and look forward to it.  Also you might wanna think up some topics of conversation.  Something more than, "How was your day?"  Keep up with current events for starters.

Put a date night jar together.  This is super easy and will get your creative juices flowing.  You can use Popsicle sticks or cute scraps of paper and ribbons, whatever you fancy.  I suggest coming up with free or low-cost ideas as you might not always have the money on Date Night to do what you pull out.

Every once in a while we take a drive.  We just find a county road outside of town and drive.  These little highways don't have much traffic and it's nice to turn the music up and just drive.  When we hit a little town that interests us we'll stop and give the town gas station some business by purchasing a soda.  Sometimes these little gas stations sell curiosities and what not to look at.  If you choose to drive around town (looking at Christmas lights or whatever) stop at a coffee shop and sit and have coffee or a gourmet hot chocolate.

Find a park on the map you haven't been to.  Toss the football or fly a kite and have a picnic lunch.  Some parks will have a Frisbee golf course set up or a petting zoo.

Find a farm where you can pick your own apples, pumpkins, strawberries, etc.  In the fall a pumpkin farm might boast the best hayride in town and sell caramel apples.

You might be lucky and have a beach where you live.  If so you can have a fire on the beach and make hot dogs and s'mores.

Something I recently found out about is a photo walk.  It is what it sounds like.  You walk around and take pictures of stuff you find cool.  Maybe we will add this to our own repertoire.  Maybe the next date night you could organize and start a scrapbook starting with these pictures.
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There are all kinds of events going on all around you if you live in a city.  Free concerts and festivals abound.  Check your city web site and see if there are any going on in your area.  Even if you live in a small town, chances are there is at least one festival in the spring/summer.

Ice Cream is a beautiful thing.  Make the most off the hook sundaes you can and pig out while watching a movie.

Make pizza and put a 1000-piece puzzle together.

Walk around a store you don't normally go to such as a garden center or farm supply store.  (Yeah, you may have to spend an inordinate amount of time looking at tools.)

People watching.  It's amazing how we avoid Walmart like the plague.  However, once in a while we grab a frappe and walk around just looking at stuff.  The most fun is the people watching.  Sometimes we even make up little stories about the people we see.

Chores can be done together also.  Renovating a room or washing the car together isn't as fun but the sense of accomplishment will be yours to share and you can tell each other how happy you are you did it.

Get a roll of quarters or two and visit an arcade.  These are few and far between anymore but they can be found.  A good one might even have a go-cart track.

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Read to each other.  In the winter we typically pick a book and he reads aloud while I crochet.  I think this winter we are going to read the Barsoom series.

When's the last time you went bowling or played pool?

Do something nice for someone else.  This is a good one.  Perhaps you could make an assortment of cookies for your neighbor, or go through your closets and take your clothes to the Salvation Army.  Think of some kind of charity the two of you could do something for.

Whatever the next holiday is, grab some art supplies and make decorations for it and decorate the house with them.  Make graham cracker houses with icing and candies on cardboard wrapped in aluminum foil and covered in coconut for Christmas. 

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Binge on episodes of TV shows you like.  We love Life Below Zero!  We have taken an entire day before marathon watching TV shows.  Remember to have some food already prepared so you don't have to take a break to cook!

Take a bath together.  Nothing says love like bubbles and candles.  Don't forget the coffee and chocolate!

Start a blog together.  Pick something you are both passionate about that doesn't involve your children.  This is Date Night and the pictures you take and subject you write about is all about the two of you.

Visit an art gallery.

Let him work up a mysterious date.  It will be a surprise what the two of you will do!  Vice versa you could plan one for the two of you.

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