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I was participating in FlyLady, and that's a program I've utilized off and on for years.  I still think it's a great program.  I just need something a little more personal for me.  Of course you are more than welcome to follow my schedule, but what will probably happen is you might start out with the below schedule and then tweak it to suit your family and that's really for the best, as you will have different demands and more or less cleaning tasks than I do. 

Speaking of which, my schedule will grow, shrink, and change as time goes on, for life is in constant flux.  This is a 20-day schedule.  It has most chores and such.  I wonder how it will change and grow.  I have 20 index cards.  Each one has the entire routine on it.  For example,

Day One

Make bed, swish and swipe toilet and sinks, do the dishes, clean counters, stove, and table
Polish mirrors, de-clutter and clean cobwebs in dining room entryway and dining area, dust entryway cabinets, dust breaker box and light switches in entryway

If it's Monday, bake bread.  If it's Tuesday, crochet or sew.  If it's Wednesday, do a quick dust all over the house.  Thursday is another crochet/sewing day.  Friday is getting laundry together day.

At the bottom I have little things written such as "Are pet dishes needing washed?"  A step further I'm thinking of doing is putting a meaningful verse to memorize, or maybe a motivational quote.

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I'm working on a 20 day cycle because I'll spend 7 days on my dining area, but only 3 on the outside.


Make bed, swish and swipe the toilet and sinks, do the dishes, clean counters, stove, and table


Monday - Sweep floors and vacuum, bake bread

Tuesday - Crochet or sew

Wednesday - Quick dust and polish mirrors

Thursday - Crochet or sew

Friday - Get laundry done


Entrance and Dining Area
De-clutter, clean cobwebs, dust cabinets, dust breaker box, clean front door thoroughly, reorganize book case, clean out coat closet, sweep entryway floor and indoor stairs, polish dining room sills and clean windows inside, polish tables and chairs, thoroughly vacuum dining area moving table and chairs

Pick up garbage and straighten under fifth wheel, pull weeds, dust outside furniture, clean deep freeze inside and out, clean outside window

Clean cabinets (3 a day) inside and out, clean out spice shelves, clean out under the kitchen sink, clean walls and switch plates, clean light fixtures all over the house, clean oven and stove and hood, clean out fridge, scrub fridge, scrub counters really good, clean windows, sweep and mop

Clean under sink, clean out medicine cabinet, clean toilet really good top to bottom, clean shower, clean shelves, sweep and mop

Flip mattress, clean furniture, clean out drawers (3 at a time), clean out closet, clean under bed, vacuum

Living Room
Clean fireplace, clean cabinets inside and out, clean walls and windows, clean entertainment center, clean under couch and recliner, clean ceiling fan, vacuum

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