Thursday, December 3, 2015


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This month we wives can get a  What with your normal routine, you have added to it Christmas shopping, wrapping gifts, decorating the house, extra baking sessions of cookies for neighbors, and doing special projects with your family.  This is just a small sample.

What I really want to get off my chest today has to do with commitments and priorities.  (I've been doing a bit of re-prioritizing myself.)  I understand how hard it is to say no to church commitments.  I was the event coordinator for a M.O.P.s chapter, taught classes for new parents, did Caraway Street, tended babies in the nursery once a month, and of course had a lot of involvement in Vacation Bible School.  This is all in one year.  I was looked at with respect for my house was always company-ready and I was a Deacon's daughter.  I was involved in many, many, many things.  Know any women like this?  Their children are always well-behaved, their house is always clean, they have a hand in running the church, everyone at church receives a place of homemade cookies at Christmas etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc

We need to understand our capabilities and keep our priorities in mind, always.  I was a person who just couldn't say "no".  I am not that person anymore.  Not even close.  I'm so far from that person that if the two met, they'd almost have nothing in common.

So what do you say when there's no one else to watch babies in the nursery that week?  Well, I would say ask the two whose business it is.  Ask God and ask your husband.  If it's a once-and-done thing, then maybe it's not a big deal.  If it's something that requires more time and energy, perhaps you need some time to think on it.  You can say no, you don't think it's your calling to commit to that.  No, you are over-extended as it is, and don't think you can commit the time and effort that job requires.  Just say no, but thank you for being considered for that task.

For some reason, there are women at church who work outside the home who feel a housewife has all kinds of time on her hands to donate.  And there are other housewives at church who will have a hand in everything you may feel like you need to try and keep up with.  I say, do one thing and do it well.  Pick your calling.  It wasn't my calling to do all that stuff at church.  I should have chosen one thing and put my energy into that.

You may actually feel you have the time and energy to commit to something large.  Still ask yourself and family what they think.  Not ask permission, just ask what they think about it.  You may have time now, but what about when kids are sick?  What if your church is a half hour away?  What happens when times get tight and gas in the car becomes an issue?  I'm just saying really think it over before you commit yourself to things outside your home. 

Lastly, and here's the important thing, if you take a job you weren't meant for...what happens to the person God originally had in mind for the task?  Also, let's say you are watching some 2-year-olds during service.  How are they affected if you are only there because you felt compelled by something other than God?  How would they be affected if they were being tended to by the person God called for that job?

Sometimes we give ourselves a little more than we can handle.

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  1. Yes Michelle I agree we must not over-extend ourselves and regularly examine that we are doing only what is required of us by God. I found over the years, for myself, I've only basically been able to manage (or desire to manage) my family - at whatever stage they may be. Husband always, all the stages of our own children, our home, extended family and now including young grandchildren. (I don't even have large numbers of any of those but for me to do my best, to concentrate on this work is about my limit.) I'm just not a great multi-tasker and to remain peaceful, I like to keep it simple.:)

    (As politically incorrect as this is, I would like to imagine babies/children not in the church-nursery but being cared for in the service by their parents along with their siblings.) ;)

    Thanks for your posts!

  2. I'm sorry I haven't commented recently. Our best friend's 16 year old. daughter passed away Friday morning after a long battle with Leukemia. I hope you and your family are feeling better again. I am looking forward to upcoming posts!

  3. Oh Tricia this is too sad. How devastating for their family. Condolences to you too. I'm sure you've been a great support and comfort to them and will continue to be during this horrible time.

    Michelle, I hope all is going well in your life.

  4. Thank you Linda. I appreciate your kind words!

  5. First, please allow me to pass on my condolences to you Tricia, and to your friend's family also. What a terrible loss of a young life.
    Second, Linda really hit me with her comment "to remain peaceful, I like to keep it simple".
    Although not anti-social, I am an introvert by nature. Taking on too many projects where I have no quiet time to recharge my energy, takes its toll on me. I do much better when I have time to plan and organize.
    At present, we are looking for a church where I can contribute and although I may not be suited for the nursery, the areas of baking, organising, and ironically, hospitality, are abilities that I feel God has blessed me with.
    Michelle, I believe we would all save ourselves much in unecessary stress if we did as you suggest in your post!

  6. Michelle,
    I do hope you are ok! I am missing your posts!

  7. Yes, it's important to guard our time and keep our priorities straight. God and family. Sometimes other things. We can't take on the world!