Friday, September 11, 2015

The Pink Pearl

                        Conch pearl necklace with diamonds.

When I was a little girl I was a true tomboy.  Not for fake.  For real.  I'm not a Barbie-girl showing off my sleek body and elegant $300 hairdo claiming I love to fish and hunt.  I'm not a pin up girl who chops a cord of firewood all by myself every fall.  I'm just a normal 40-something lady who is saying that when I was a kid all my friends were boys.  Girls were catty and boring.  (Now they are catty boring women.)

When I reached puberty I started liking boys, as is normal.  However, those boys did not seem to like me.  Sure my friends were still my friends, but I'm talking about those "other" boys; the ones I liked.  They didn't like me.  Why?  Christy Parker was the one all the boys wanted to be with.  One day I decided to go to her house and spend the day with Christy.  It sucked.  All she wanted to do was lay out, do her nails, and read magazines.  I didn't learn much that day.  I honestly couldn't understand why all the boys wanted to be with her.  She didn't play football.  She didn't own a baseball glove.  She fainted at the sight of bugs and dirt in general.  So why did they like her?

 Later on in high school I discovered that the other girls took a very long time to do their hair and make up before school.  I hit the alarm clock literally 5 minutes before I needed to walk out the door.  About the time I was 16 or so, I started dabbling in the cosmetic arts because I really, really wanted to be pretty.  I wanted attention from the boys I considered cute.  I started paying attention to the women my friends said were "smoking hot" on TV.  I watched what these women said and how they said it.  I bought clothes they wore.  I started laying out, doing my nails, and I read tons of Cosmopolitan.  I was turning into Christy Parker.

Know what I think now?  I still struggle with thinking I'm not beautiful.  But what I really want is to be rare.

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"...her price is far above rubies."  The Hebrew term isn't talking about rubies; it's talking about a pink pearl.  Did you know that?  In the time of the ancients the pink pearl was very, very valuable.  Divers searched the Red Sea for them.  I'm assuming you don't know so I will tell you about the pink pearl.  Natural pearls are rare enough for they must be formed without human intervention.  But a pink pearl is extremely rare.  Akoya and South Sea produce pink pearls.  The Caribbean Pink Pearl is created by the queen conch and it is the most beautiful.  Only one marketable pink pearl is found among every 100,000 shells and right now the queen conch has become a threatened species.  What's more, every attempt to produce these pink pearls with manipulation has failed.  The queen conch must do it on her own.
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I want to be rare like this.  We need to stop trying to conform to society's rigid blueprint for what men find attractive.  They are selling us beauty products knowing we cannot possibly compete, so we buy more.  We buy more gym memberships and more Clinique and and yank our leg hair out by the roots.

Know what else?  The rare woman won't settle for a guy who isn't likewise rare.  She is going to want a man of strength.  His character will need to be strong for she will be a strong woman.  She will be that 1:100,000 that people have heard their sister talk about when she says a friend at work knows someone who's wife is related to a woman like that.  The rare woman of character who knows her own mind will want to be yoked with a man whose head isn't turned by some skin.  He will want a woman who will only show her body to him and him alone.  This man she is looking for will be faithful not only in deed but in his mind as well.                                               

Image result for queen conch pink pearlsTake comfort in knowing that you are feminine yet rare.  Yes you have a body, but it isn't for the world to view.  Be choosy about who you date and who you marry.  Your self-confidence need not come from whether or not you consume less than 1000 calories a day or how long your leg hair is.  Be rare.

The Caribbean Pink Pearl is an especially beautiful pink pearl, created by the queen conch. Only one marketable pink pearl is discovered among every hundred thousand shells

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